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About Us

Mercia is one of the leading providers of training and support services to the UK accountancy profession. Based on their longstanding market-leading products, Mercia has a reputation for providing practical solutions to accountants and tax advisors in practice. Mercia provides all the technical content which powers MyPractice.

MyWorkpapers, previously known as Auditflow, was founded in 2009 with the goal of developing the most innovative technology for accountants and auditors to prepare and manage their client engagement files in their practice. The business was founded by experienced accountants who recognised the need for software to assist accountants to become more compliant with their work, increase productivity and communicate more effectively with their clients and other stakeholders. 

MyWorkpapers provides the technology which powers MyPractice. 

How we can help

Maximise your revenue

Automating the mundane and personalising the exceptions increases productivity and gives higher fee recovery.

Time and costs savings

Time saving features streamline the way work is done and enable managers and staff to focus on productive tasks.

Manage tasks effectively

Customisable workflows, dashboards and analytics. Partners and managers can easily prioritise work, filter by deadlines, team members or job stage.

Increase compliance quality

Standardise your processes, checklists and procedures for how work is done in your practice; monthly, quarterly and year-end.

Improve team collaboration

A cloud platform to manage your work, prioritise and collaborate.

Increase client retention and engagement

Timely and efficient software-driven client engagement and collaboration.

Reduce risk of errors

Workpaper index, programmes, checklists and reports are dynamically built from API (or CSV) connections to bookkeeping products.

Audit trail of documents and work done

Version control of all documents, track all work performed and queries and responses. Ensure reviews are completed.


What's Coming...

Meanwhile, further packs in pipeline include:

  • Management accounts
  • Grant claims
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Year end for LLPs
  • Client money procedures
  • Anti-money laundering procedures


MyPractice works with

  • integration-partner
  • integration-partner
  • integration-partner


Our pricing is designed to reflect the size of your practice and is based on the number of assignments you undertake using MyPractice.

Year-end Account Packs



per assignment per month

plus VAT

Personal Tax Packs



per assignment per month

plus VAT
Subscriptions are subject to minimum numbers of assignments and are payable by monthly direct debit.

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